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3v3.futbol is a unique project for those of you who want a positive profiling towards the grassroots and top clubs in Spanish football.

3v3.futbol hope you see the value in a unique concept that creates joy, learning and unity! Your company gets the chance to be associated with what by the end of 2016 could be Spain's biggest football tournament.

Your company will be profiled and shown with active children and enthusiastic parents in the form of thousands of photos posted on Facebook and Instagram. Videos submitted by parents and others, both our channels, but also interactive directly on social media which will visualize your business. Your company will also be profiled in tournaments for adults, these tournaments will mainly run in the same event as the children.

We aim to have a total of 3 500 people attending each of the tournaments and we aim at a minimum of 20 tournaments during 2016. With that we have a goal of 70,000 people visiting our tournaments in 2016.

We want 3v3-court sponsors and sponsor of the concept as a whole. We can offer sponsorship packages for all competitions or tournaments within a comarca / province / region.
All sponsors are also in our magazine "Bo i Spania" aimed at Norwegians in Spain, and our magazine Casainfo an international magazine that is distributed throughout the Costa Blanca.

Our tournaments in 2016 will mostly be held in the province of Alicante, with the possibility that we will also run some tournaments in Murcia, Castellon and Valencia.

Please contact us and we'll tell you more about how we will profile your company on our football tournaments.

3v3.futbol field with 12 3v3 courts and sponsor banners

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